We can be found in Calabria in the extreme south of Italy. Our newly established company is located between the Ionian sea and the Sila mountains, on the rolling hills of Cirò, facing the sea. In this area with its clayey and calcareous soil, wine has been produced for over 2,500 years.

Four vineyards, eight hectares of organic vineyard, copper and sulphur are used with great care and attention. Just green manure with minimal tilling in order to maintain soil fertility and favour biodiversity. We only grow native Calabrian grapes: Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Greco nero and Greco bianco, which give the best rendering of our terroir.

Our wine is produced by natural fermentation with local yeast and no added enzymes, natural decantation and minimal use of sulphites.

Naturalness, maintaining the grape’s characteristics and the embodiment of the terroir are our main objectives. We have started, and will continue, our journey following these principles.

The wines

  • "Leokó" Calabria IGP – 2018

    white Greco Bianco, Gaglioppo • Vines age 15 years • Vineyard name “Frassà” • South-East/East Exposure • Altitude 5-10 m asl • Clayey, Marlstone-rich Soil • Few hours of skin contact just for the Greco Bianco • Stainless steel maturation 6/7 months on its lees • malolactic fermentation occurred • 1 month of bottle fining

  • Rosato Calabria IGP – 2018

    rose Gaglioppo 100% • Vines age 15 years • Clayey, Marlstone-rich Soil • from “Vigna Fego” the vineyard closest to the sea • Altitude 3 m asl • 12 hours skin contact • 6/7 months on its lees into Stainless steel vats • malolactic fermentation occurred • 1 month of bottle fining

  • Ciró Classico Superiore DOC – 2015

    red 100% Gaglioppo • Vines age from 15 to 48 years • Clayey, Marlstone-rich Soil • Grapes from “Vigna S.Anastasia” and “Vigna Muzzunetto” • Esposures South and North/North-West • Altitude from 50up to 100 m asl • 5 days skin contact in Stainless steel vats • 30 months ageing in stainless steel vats • 4 months of bottle fining before the release

  • Ciró Classico Superiore Riserva DOC – 2014

    red 100% Gaglioppo• Vines age 48 years • North/North-West Esposure • Altitude 50-100 m asl • Clay and Marlstone soil • 30 days of skin contact in stainless steel tanks • 1 year ageing in 20Hl oak barrels and 18 months maturation in stainless steel vats • 14 months of bottle fining

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