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Wine has been part of Simone Sedilesu’s life from the offset. His grandfather and father respectively taught him how to tend to vines and how to produce wine, and he spent his childhood learning from both of them. His path in life was inevitable and he went on to study oenology at university. 


On his return to Mamoiada, Simone became the custodian of 2.5 hectares of vineyards that are in conversion to organic.  His principle has always been to let the territory speak for itself and therefore to intervene as little as possible in the vineyard. Spontaneous fermentation is always used without the addition of any yeasts. The landscape surrounding Mamoiada is known for its diversity; the region of Barbagia where it is located is mountainous with great variety in its terroir in terms of the soil and the lay of the land. 


By recognising this and drawing attention to it, Simone seeks to show the viticultural heritage of this land. His vineyards, set 700 metres above sea level, are principally planted with the indigenous Cannonau. Interspersed within the vines are some plants of the local and lesser known variety of Granatza. Wanting to draw attention to this grape, Simone vinifies it in purity. And therefore even though yields are small he focuses on creating wines of the utmost quality. 

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The wines

  • Barbagia Bianco IGT 2022


  • “Ghirada Fittiloghe” Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2020


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