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28 April 2020 — 7.00pm / Passione Vino

Unfortunately this event has been postponed until further notice. Please check back here for updates.


World Class, Glamorous, Iconic CIPRIANI RESTAURANT brings charming staff and Italian and Venetian sexiest signature dishes to Passione Vino for a proper TAKING OVER evening.

Four generations of Cipriani have turned a restaurant into a universally recognised icon of hospitality, which nobody has yet succeeded to replicate.

Celebrating the long a successful collaboration between C London and Passione Vino, rather than serving our wines at the Mayfair venue … FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY the Mayfair venue will be transferring his menu, famous bellini and engaging staff directly to Passione Tables.

Passione Vino - Shoreditch wine bar & shop
24 March 2020 — 7.00pm / Passione Vino

Unfortunately this event has been postponed until further notice. Please check back here for updates.


Mention Abruzzo and wine in the same sentence and what comes to mind? Almost certainly the grape variety Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, deep red colour, heavy on the glass, strong tannins – it has been the base for many Italian wine lending its colour and tannins to other grapes. It is like a Ferrari on an icy road – it could sometimes be difficult to handle for the novice.

Changes are coming: The regions wine makers are going through changes. There is a big move from quantity to high quality. The future looks intriguingly interesting…

Leonardo Pizzollo, owner of Valle Reale will guide you through a tasting among the finest expression of Montepulciano and Trebbiano. The vineyard’s nestled in one of the most enchanting valley surrounded by mountains, located in the green heart of Abruzzo, in one of the Italy’s most beautiful National Parks: Maiella, organic viticultur and minimum intervention, paired with a 4 course regional food.

Convento di Capestrano 2013
Vigneto Sant’eusanio 2017
Vigneto di Popoli 2011
Vigneto del Convento 2015

Passione Vino - Shoreditch wine bar & shop
12 March 2020 — 7.00pm / Passione Vino

Sartoria’s Chef Patron Francesco Mazzei will take over Passione Vino’s Kitchen for one night only, for a very special event indeed.

Francesco will please your taste buds with his fine signature dishes, through a sensorial journey influenced by his native Calabria to London fine dining culture… And he knows that this will surely provoke Luca to uncork his finest.

Menu revealed closer to date.

Will the food overpower the Wines?

Will the wines shadow the food?

Passione Vino - Shoreditch wine bar & shop
Guest Chef Mazzei
25 February 2020 — 7.00pm / Passione Vino

Join us to taste a selection of 8 wines crafted by 2 of the most exciting producers from the picturesque Valtellina: Marco Fay & Il Faso (Dirupi)

Two contrasting styles, traditional and old school VS modern and brave, both with one outcome: showing us another graceful side of Nebbiolo.

You’ll be plunged in a confrontation between different styles and shades of Nebbiolo explained by one of the two winemakers, whilst enjoying a 4 course meal of local specialities.

Ole 2018 vs Costa Bassa 2016
Valtellina Superiore 2014 vs Glicine 2016
Valtellina superiore Riserva Gess 2015 vs Carteria Riserva 2015
Vino Sbagliato Sforzato 2014 vs Ronco del Picchio Sforzato 2014

Passione Vino - Shoreditch wine bar & shop
1 August 2019 — / Cornbury Park, Charlbury

We teamed up with Angela Hartnett in running the wine shop at Café Murano and we staged several Masterclasses and Wine tastings … All sold out!

Passione Vino - Shoreditch wine bar & shop
29 June 2019 — / Coal Drop’s Yard & Brixton

Wine Car Boot is all about introducing people to the plenty of affordable, delicious wines not available in the big chains, taking your way out to the supermarkets. Tastings and demos from London’s best independent wine shops, street food, music and more…into Coal Drop’s Yard and Brixton!

Passione continues to be a long-standing participant and supporter!

Passione Vino - Shoreditch wine bar & shop
Passione Vino - Shoreditch wine bar & shop
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