Ponte in Valtellina

Marino Lanzini

Marino Lanzini is a quiet, thoughtful man. In his cellar nestled in the heart of Valtellina in the tiny village of Ponte in Valtellina he meanders amongst his barrels with a reserved confidence belying a longstanding respect for his wines. And this is no wonder, for his cellar and vineyards have a personal history, having been in his family for generations. On inheriting these in 2015, Marino made it his mission to re-establish familial traditions. 

Marino’s family have always been involved in activities such as farming, livestock, growing fruits and cereals, but above all they were involved in the cultivation of the Nebbiolo grape (and specifically the local variety known as Chiavennasca). A story of passion, love, and dedication; values passed on to Marino. He focussed on rebuilding the terraces of his grandfather’s vineyards by hand in the Valgella subzone, stone by stone. 

Nurtured in the family cellar that Marino renovated, his wines are full of life. Oak barrels are predominately used for vinification, though chestnut is also used in certain instances. Production is small yet with a focus on perfection ranging from When questioned, he humbly answers that his favourite is his IGT because it is the wine that is made entirely from vines that were owned by his grandfather. In turn, he has not yet labelled the cuvee for the next year because he is waiting to until his son is born in order to name it after him. These are wines that tell a story; stories of both family and terroir. 

Marino |Lanzini Winemaker

The wines

  • Rosso di Valtellina DOC 2020


  • Valtellina Superiore Valgella DOCG 2018


  • dessert

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