San Marzano Oliveto


‘Low anthropogenic impact’ is the driving mission of Bruna Ferro and Luigi Garabello and their sons Luca and Matteo. The family has a strong philosophy that revolves around a collaboration with nature informed by the modern biodynamic methods of Dr Leonello Anello. It is in the heart of Monferrato that Carussin finds its name. This is by no means a new enterprise. The family farm was first established in 1927 and in time, it has passed through the generations to the current custodians. And simultaneously, the overarching premise has remained the same. To eschew chemicals and to practise methods that prioritise the health of the land. 

This close connection between the terroir and viticulture informs all aspects of Carussin’s winemaking. They now look after around 13 hectares (with a further 6 hectares brought in from relatives). Alongside this, there is also a fundamental  drive to move away from the use of chemicals, industrialisation and technology in order to return to the traditions of Piedmont. The impact of this has been to produce wines that as much a combination of indigenous grapes as they are a play with experimentation. So, in addition to a range of five Barbera wines that express the difference that ageing can have on this historic variety, Carussin also produces a range of wines made from grapes lesser known to the region such as Cortese Alto Monferrato and Grignolino, the latter of which they use to produce a wine for which the profiits aid the Otonga Association that supports the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest. Combined with their teaching farm where they nurture donkeys, this is a vineyard with a social mission as much as fabulous wines. 


The wines

  • “Tra l’Altro” Bianco VDT N/V


  • “Asinoi” Barbera d’Asti DOCG 2020


  • “Sbaraglio” Rosso VDT 2017


  • “Lia Vi” Barbera d’Asti DOCG 2017


  • “Completo” Rosso VDT 1 LT N/V


  • “Beverein” Rosso VDT N/V


  • “Tranquilla” Barbera Asti Superiore DOCG 2016


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