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Feudo D’Ugni

Cristiana Galasso is Feudo d´Ugni. After her studies of art, after a few years she decided to go back to basics, in the campaign and the vineyard, under the imposing Maiella. In 2001 she began working with a small vineyard of Muller, in 2002 rented the first vineyard of Montepulciano, in 2004 the first bottling. Alone, without support, really starting from scratches: she lives on a ruolotte, the cellar is set in an old stone cottage, the labour done by hand and only an old truck was used. First official bottling was recorded in 2006. She’s the tenacity to produce authentic wines from healthy grapes and treated the bare minimum with copper and sulfur, without any technology and only little sulfur in the cellar. The wines are white with Trebbiano, rosé and red with Montepulciano, all table wines but actually authentic expressions, bloody, visceral of a large territory which is the Abruzzo.

Feudo d’Ugni is a small company located on the hills of Abruzzo, at the foot of the Majella, the second highest mountain massif of the Apennines. The winery was founded in 2001 by Cristiana Galasso, who calls herself “the winemaker fiammiferaia”. After completing his passionate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila, after a few years he decided to return to the country and cultivate the vine. Rent a vineyard of Montepulciano and in 2006 performs its first bottling, alone, starting from scratch and without the help of anyone. Since then it has been a while, but Cristiana continues to produce its wines that are concentrated alive with sanguine and visceral territoriality. In the vineyard, it grows the most classic Abruzzese grapes such as Trebbiano and Montepulciano, but also mixed rows of Malvasia, Grüner Veltiner, Riesling and Gewürztraminer that allow it to experiment with unusual and unusual assemblies for Abruzzo, vinifying them in white with maceration on the skins. Its plants do not know chemical substances but only light treatments based on copper and sulfur in order to have healthy grapes. In the cellar she uses the same philosophy, with rigorous and manual processing, limiting the use of sulphurous to the maximum. The wines of Feudo d’Ugni are traditional, authentic expressions of the territory from which they come, genuine that stand out for their drinkability

The wines

  • "Lama Bianca" VDT – 2017

    white White Mainly Trebbiano with a bit of Moscato • Vines Average Age 40 years • Altitude 450 mt a.s.l. • Clayey Soil • Various Exposures • About 12-14 days of skin contact and spontaneous fermentation in concrete vats • Aged 12 months in stainless steel vats • At least 2 months of bottle fining

  • "Lusignolo" Cerasuolo VDT – 2016

    rose Rosè 100% Montepulciano • Vines Average Age 35 years • Altitude 450 mt a.s.l. • Clayey, Limey soil rich in marlstones • Various Exposures • Few hours of skin contact and then must ferments in concrete and stainless steel vats • 15 months in Concrete and Stainless Steel vats • At least two months of bottle fining

  • "Fante" Montepulciano VDT – 2011

    red Red 100% Montepulciano • Vines Average Age 35 years • Altitude 450 mt a.s.l. • Clayey, Limey soil rich in marlstones • Various Exposures • Up to 3 weeks of skin contact into concrete vats • Aged at least 2 years in big barrels • At least 2 months of bottle fining

  • "D'Ugni" Montepulciano VDT – 2009

    red Red 100% Montepulciano • From old Vines • Altitude 450 mt a.s.l. • Clayey, Limey soil rich in marlstones • Various Exposures • Aged 3 years in old barriques • At least 3 months of bottle fining

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