Loreto Aprutino

Marchesi Migliorati

Of noble origin, the Migliorati family has been vineyard and land owners in the mountainous region of Abruzzo for 900 years. In 2015, the family embarked on a new journey in the wine business starting the first winery to bear the Migliorati name. In collaboration with Oscar Farinetti, founder and creator of Eataly, and the Pizzolo family, owners of Abruzzo winery Valle Reale, this venture reignites the Migliorati’s passion for viticulture and desire to produce high quality wines in Abruzzo.

The Abruzzo region has some of Italy’s most captivating landscapes. Thirty percent of the region is covered by mountains and another third of the land is protected national parks, with the remainder offering some of Italy’s most prized agricultural land. This natural biodiversity, where grape vines live harmoniously with sheep grazing on pastures and fields of crocuses growing for saffron production, help to make organic viticulture possible for Poderi Marchesi Migliorati. With the longest Adriatic coastline in the country, and the majestic Gran Sasso massif in the northwest that peaks at over 9,500 feet, Abruzzo is home to dozens of terrains and microclimates – naturally, all with varying degrees of suitability for quality viticulture.

Poderi Marchesi Migliorati is situated in the commune of Loreto Aprutino, in the northern part of the province of Pescara, one of Abruzzo’s four main growing areas. The estate’s vineyards grow on a plateau at 350m above sea level, facing southeast towards the sea, a valley that was carved out by glaciers millions of years ago. The winery’s proximity to the Adriatic gives a more moderate climate than further inland resulting in a long, consistent growing season. The soils are predominantly clay, with glacial deposits and small pebbles, a terroir that is ideal for the cultivation of montepulciano, trebbiano d’Abruzzese and pecorino. In the hands of Valle Reale winemaker Enrico Antonioli, the estate produces pure, exuberant, mineral-driven wines that accentuate the fruit character of the varieties and highlight the seaside terroir.

The wines

  • Pecorino Colline Pescaresi IGT – 2018

    white White 100% Pecorino • Vines Average Age 18 years • South-East Exposure • Clayey Soil • Altitude 300-350 mt asl • 10 days fermentation in stainless steel vats • 3 months maturation in stainless steel vats • At least 1 months of bottle fining before the release

  • Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC – 2018

    red Red 100% Montepulciano • Vines Average Age 15-20 years • South-East exposure • Clayey soil • Altitude 300 mt asl • 15 days fermentation in stainless steel vats • 6 months maturation in stainless steel vats • At least 1 month of bottle fining before the release

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