Maso Bergamini

‘Maso’ is the term used to describe a villa surrounded by agricultural land. And in the case of Maso Bergamini this farmstead has illustrious origins having been constructed in the 17th century for the Archbishop of Trento. Set on the slopes of Mount Calisio just north of Trento, the estate would have served as an idyllic retreat for the clergyman. Today, it is the location for an equally religious pursuit: the production of wine. 

Organic methods rule at Maso Bergamini. Reno Tomasi is staunchly dedicated to the vicissitudes of the seasons. And in the lands of the Alto Adige, these are not without their challenges. The mountainous region is characterised by its microclimates that can vary greatly within the space of a few kilometres.
Many of Maso Bergamini’s vineyards are southerly facing which ensures that they garner the most of the sunlight that hits the slopes in the warmer months; some face west meaning reduced yields and the necessity for a well-timed harvest. At 550 metres above sea level, winters can be harsh but these challenges are what Tomasi takes in his stride. 

As befitting the cultural meeting point that is the Alto Adige, the vines at Maso Bergamini vary between indigenous and German varieties. These include Lagrein, Gewürtztraminer, Riseling and Souvigner Gris. Vinification takes place in the cellar underneath the historic villa. Fermentation is exclusively spontaneous with a drive towards the utmost purity. Minimal if any chemicals are used throughout the entire process to produce wines that have a purity that Tomasi is proud of. There may still be a chapel en site, but Maso Bergmaini is truly a shrine to the wines of the Alto Adige.

Remo Tomasi from Maso Bergamini Winery
Remo Tomasi from Maso Bergamini Winery

The wines

  • “Sgris” Souvigner Gris Metodo Ancestrale IGT


  • Adige “Terre Basaltiche” Extra Brut Riserva Trento DOC


  • Riesling Renano Trentino DOC


  • Pinot Nero Trentino DOC


  • Lagrein Trentino DOC


  • “Le Cesene” Riesling Passito Dolomiti IGT


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