The guiding principle of Teularju aligns with the local emphasis that is placed on a wine’s origins. This is not surprising given that the small village of Mamoiada where their winery is based is in the heart of the savage land that is Barbagia. One term specific to Sardinian dialect that is central here is Ghirada. Meaning a portion of a vineyard bordered by walls, essentially a Cru, Teularju places great importance on the four Ghiradas that they own and what qualities these contribute to their wines. The names of these frequently derive from toponyms or geological features of the land, and have often been passed orally through generations. 


Two generations are the force behind Teularuj: Francesco Sedilesu and his wife Rosa Muggittu with their children Vincenza, Giuseppe and Giovanni and his wife Elisabetta.  Having established the vineyards 20 years ago, it was in 2017 that they formally established their company with the intent of bringing an elegance to this wild landscape. The wines of Burgundy are their inspiration, in the philosophy and form. This is evidenced in their choice of Burgundian bottles in order to demonstrate a shared importance on the place of origin. 


Their four Ghiradas encompass 8 hectares. The principal variety is the local grape of Cannonau, but they also cultivate some of the lesser known white variety of Granatza. Characteristics of these designations differ greatly in terms of their exposure and soil and this is something that the family are particularly keen on drawing attention to. Theirs are wines with a true sense of micro-terroir. 

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  • Barbagia Rosso IGT 2022


  • “Ghirada Ocruarana” Barbagia Rosso IGT 2019


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