Vinzas Artas

Giorgio Gaiai and Piercarlo Sotgiu are the masterminds behind this vineyard where the heritage of Mamoiada is paramount. This village in the heart of the Barbagia region has become renowned for the emphasis that has consistently been placed on Ghiradas, or ‘Crus’; small plots, often decades old, that have been individually tended and recognised for their distinct characteristics. 


Vinzas Artas comprises 5 hectares of vineyards situated between 650 and 850 metres above sea level. These are now cultivated organically with a priority placed on high quality rather than high yields. As befitting their passion for the viticulture of Mamoiada and centuries old methods, they vinify as their ancestors did; that is by each Ghirada in order to express the characteristics of each plot. 


For the most part, the vines that they cultivate are Cannonau, a variety indigenous to Sardinia but often thought to be a variety of Spanish Garnacha and French Grenache. As Vinzas Artas has made it their task to preserve historic plots, some of their vines are over a century old. In addition, they also cultivate small volumes of Granatza; a white variety that is finally gaining recognition after being historically used as a blending grape. Like all of their wines, the harvest if hand harvested and fermented with natural yeast. This is a return to the winemaking traditions of Barbagia that has been a century in the waiting.  

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Vinzas Artas Winemaker

The wines

  • “Granatza” Barbagia Bianco IGT 2022


  • “Nigheddu” Barbagia Rosso IGT 2020


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